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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Largest Oak Tree In Nassau County

The results are in for the Largest Oak Tree In Nassau County.

After three months of searching and hundreds of calls. The largest in Nassau County is located on Marsh Hen Lane:
(98.1" diameter)
(308.2" circumference)
(Latitude 30° 38' 08.1")
(Longitude 81° 31' 06.7").

The largest oak tree on Amelia Island is on Old Bluff Road near Amelia City:
(86.1" diameter)
(270.5" circumference)
(Latitude 30° 35' 17.2")
(Longitude 81° 27' 49.7").

See Photo Gallery on this web site for pictures and a list of the top 50.

Here is a link to an article run in the Newsleader.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flood Elevation Certificates

The new and revised FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate has been in effect since October 2009. The main changes are in the type of structure diagrams (two have been added), if vents are engineered and lowest adjacent grade at lowest elevation of deck, stairs or structural support.

Engineered vents are becoming quite popular since they allow for less venting. Typically there needs to be one square inch of venting for each square foot of crawl space below the living area. An 8"x16" opening (128 sq. inches) can be replaced with the same size engineered flood vent to net 200 sq. inches. They can also be helpful in bringing a building up to code and reducing insurance rates by having to install less vents. Visit for more information and a short video. Professional Surveyor also featured an article on engineered flood vents in their July 2007 edition.

The following link elaborates on the important role the flood elevation certificate plays in the purchase of flood insurance. Note that it states up to 80% of the flood elevation certificates on file with FEMA are in error and could be driving your insurance rates higher. It may be wise to have your flood elevation certificate updated and obtain a new quote from your insurance company. (Smart Move as featured in Professional Surveyor Magazine)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GIS Department News

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) department has been busy working on its in house GIS entering records for over 100,000 property surveys, benchmarks and horzontal controls dating back to the 1930's. Eventually these surveys will also be scanned and added to our GIS with hyper links for quick viewing and printing for reference in performing future surveys and having an electronic archival of all our records. These maps along with current CADD drawings will be associated with the parcel map for Nassau County.

Our GIS knowledge together with the latest technology is used to ensure that data collection is compatible with GIS programs and database networks. Our field crews work closely with the GIS department in performing field locations utilizing Sokkia and Trimble GPS equipment, Trimble Robotics, Trimble Pathfinder Office, ESRI ArcView and ArcPad for wetland locations, establishment of vertical and horizontal controls and utility locations.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Professional Liability Insurance (Make Sure Your Survey Is Covered)

We carry professional liability insurance ... not all firms do. This is added insurance that covers us should we make a mistake and also protects you the consumer by guaranteeing that the money is there should we make a mistake. So when considering the cost of a survey, don't be surprised if we are 10% higher than the other guy, it's the added cost of this insurance. Another reason we may be a bit more expensive than the other guy may be because we also offer our employees benefits like health insurance and paid vacations every year.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Lower Prices!

$ New Lower Prices $

  • Lot surveys starting at $375.
  • Special acreage prices.
  • We'll beat all written quotes.
  • No charge for additional FHA requirements.
  • 3-day turn-a-round.
  • Pay at closing.
  • Rush orders welcome.
  • We carry Professional Liability Insurance.

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